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The energy crisis is not something to let pass unnoticed, thus it presents a serious issue that needs specific solutions. This doesn’t mean you should quit gaming or remove your home office, but rather change certain products that may be consuming more energy than you’d want them to.

In this post, we share some light on the top 3 products to save electricity on your setup that are easy to find and will help you save money in the long run.

Why Use Energy-Efficient Products?

If you want to save money and have a fast and optimal operating PC/gaming setup, you need to switch to energy-efficient products. In essence, a computer used for gaming requires around 200-500 Watts to properly function, which later ends up being 1400kWh annually, or even more depending on the type of setup you have. This number is six times higher than a regular laptop’s power usage.

With the current electricity crisis in the world, certain actions need to be taken in order to ensure you’re still having great gaming and PC setups but without constant power outages and your electricity bills reaching unaffordable numbers.

In the next part, we share the top products to save electricity on your setup that are easy to find and great for gamers and workers on a budget.

Webber Cable Management Web

To begin, the Webber Cable Management Web is by far an electricity-efficient product you need to have in your office. You simply attach the net (which comes with everything you need to do the installation) under your desk and organize your cables.

This will help with reducing excess heat of accumulated cables, whether scattered on the floor or plugged into a power strip, as well as with keeping your office and gaming setup clean and with empty space free of tangled cords.

The net is super resistant and can properly organize and hold many cables at once, so you don’t need to worry about anything while gaming or finishing off some work.

Energy-Saving Power Supply

If you’re building your PC or gaming setup yourself, try searching for energy-saving power supplies that are high-quality and have low wattage. It might cost a bit more, but in the long run, you’ll be saving loads on your energy bills while being able to play games all you want without having issues with your setup slowing down or a power outage.

What’s more, these types of power supplies have incredible features made specifically for enhancing your performance while saving power, therefore you’ll be investing greatly in your career.

Depending on the type of setup and your budget the energy-saving power supply options may vary, but they’re all made with the same purpose so there’s nothing to worry about.

Efficient Lighting In Your Space

When talking about the best products for PC or gaming setup it is common to just focus on the computer, chair, and keyboard, but another important thing to have in mind is the space where you spend countless hours working and building your gaming vocation.

Investing in efficient lighting can help tremendously reduce your electricity bills and contribute to keeping your passion affordable. A great example of energy-saving lighting includes LEDs, which are affordable and can be found anywhere online and in physical shops, plus they come in loads of colors, shapes, and sizes so you can choose the best one for your space.

Saving Electricity On Your Gaming Setup

In this article, we talked about the importance of saving electricity on your PC and gaming setup. With easy and quick changes you can enjoy a smooth and fast-operating setup without having to pay a lot of money when the electricity bill comes.

To sum up, we recommended the Webber Cable Management Net, excellent for organizing cables and reducing heat, an energy-saving power supply, to reduce as much energy as possible used by your computer, and efficient lighting for your space, since you’ll spend a lot of time in a room playing games or doing some work.

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