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Caspar Camille Rubin PC setup desk with keyboard
Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin clean PC setup on wooden desk with keyboard – Unsplash

Your Own Office or Gaming Setup

When it comes to setting up your office or organizing your things on your desk. Cables will always be there, so how can you organize them properly without damaging them? Thankfully, this article has not one but five different solutions to this problem.

Below you can read about the top 5 desk cable management products you should invest in. Apart from the classic zip ties, to have a top-tier PC setup where you can game or work properly without being bothered by cables.

Does your Cable Management look like this?

Why Invest In Desk Cable Management Products?

Investing in a proper office setup for having all of your cables organized is essential for ensuring safety and productivity. Further, a gaming setup cable management can make your cables last a long time. Helps you save up a lot of money, as well as enhance your performance at work or any tasks you need to complete in your day.

If you’re looking for a complete and super-efficient PC setup with your desk cable management game on point. Take a look at the top products below.

Clean office desk setup with desk cable management
Clean office desk setup with desk cable management

1. Tidy Your Cables With Velcro Strap

Cable Velcro straps are one of the best desk cable management products you should invest in this 2022. They are made from durable nylon with Velcro straps excellent for controlling cords without damaging them. If your desk has several cables all hanging loose, you need to have something that can keep them organized without risking damaging or cutting them. 

They are super easy to use and can hold many cables at once, so they can be used anywhere in the house and as well in your PC setup.

2. Cable Holder for Small Cables

For those cables, you need to have them by your side, such as a phone charger, a USB cable from another computer, a printer, and so on. A cable holder is the best option for you. These little bug-like holders are made from quality materials that can keep your cable steady and organized wherever you need it. The sticky sticker surface can be used on your desk at home or in the office, making this a super convenient investment.

For all cables including USB, network, computers, and even TVs, this product is everything you need to have a top-tier office or gaming setup.

3. Clean PC Cables With Neoprene Cable Sleeve

A neoprene cable sleeve is perfect for managing and hiding all of your cables while protecting them from any damage. It is flexible and comes with a zipper to allow you to properly fit any cord you need to control and get out of your sight.

This product not only helps you maintain everything under control but it is also a great way to keep your desk clean and visually pleasant. (Which has been shown to help increase productivity at work and school).

4. Desk Cable Management Web/Mesh

This is perhaps the best office or gaming setup management product you should invest in for a completely organized desk. The desk cable management web/mesh can hold a huge amount of cables of all shapes and sizes below your desk. So you never have to see them again and you can enjoy a cable-free desk at any time.

Made with durable materials that provide the best grip on your desk, this web/mesh is ideal for improving your PC setup this year.

Clean office desk setup with desk cable management web-mesh-net
Clean office desk setup with desk cable management web-mesh-net
Clean office desk setup with desk cable management web-mesh-net
What equipment do I need to install the Webber Desk Cable Management Web?

– A pen that you can use to mark where you screw the plastic brackets to attach the product.
– Screwdriver or power drill with which you screw the screws to the mounting surface.

What if the screws that come with the product are longer than the thickness of my desk surface?

– No worries! If you wish, you can also install the product on the mounting surface with your own screws. (However, the screw should be screwed into the surface to be installed to a depth of at least 1cm) (0.4 inches)

Can I reinstall or change the mounting location of the brackets if necessary?

– Yes, the product is designed for this purpose as well. So that you can easily reinstall the product or change the installation location as needed.

5. Zip Ties are the Best buddy for Desk Cable Management

Last but not least we have the classic zip ties that get the job done excellently. Combined with other products they are perfect for tidying up and bundling cables and keeping them away from your sight and reach. Furthermore, they are very easy to handle and they are not expensive at all.

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