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Robert Nickson office PC setup with Elgato streaming lights.
Photo by Robert Nickson office PC setup with Elgato streaming lights on Unsplash

Products to Make the Best PC Gaming or Office Setup out There!

After reading this article you will achieve the most productive PC setup ever.

As a gamer or office worker, there’s nothing more tedious than having hundreds of cables scattered around your desk that prevent you from performing your best every day. This is why we wrote this article.

Below you can read about the top 3 must-have products for the most efficient office or gaming setup cable management. With a few bonuses and tips, you can become the best at what you do.

You don’t have to use your shoelaces or shoe Velcro strap to manage your cables.

1. Well Adjustable and Versatile Monitor Arms

Investing in a quality monitor arm can help tremendously with desk cable management thus it keeps your desk clean and free of unnecessary cables and your screen at the right eye level. Which can enhance your productivity.

Having more space on your desk can stimulate your brain and make it believe you have everything organized. Even if you just elevated your computer a few centimeters. And by clearing your PC setup of annoying cables you can achieve great success at your work, school, and any task you need to complete.

What’s more, for gaming and working it is essential to have a comfortable and functional game room/office cable management. This is why a monitor arm stands in the number one spot on this list.

2. Long Adjustable and Versatile Røde Microphone Stand

Not only is it important to have an excellent microphone, but having an efficient gadget that can properly hold it up is equally as necessary; here’s when a microphone stand comes into play and has a key role in your office setup. It can organize your microphone cables and keep your desk looking its best.

If this wasn’t enough, a microphone stand is also perfect for improving your sound quality thus it can be set up at the appropriate distance and height to receive your voice as it should.

Røde PSA1 microphone stand with microphone
Røde PSA1 microphone stand with microphone HyperX microphone attached to it
Røde PSA1 microphone stand product package
Røde PSA1 microphone stand product package on the table

3. Best and Easiest Desk Cable Management Solution

Now that you have your screen elevated and your microphone properly set up, it is time to handle all cables and wires for a super-efficient gaming setup cable management. Webber’s desk cable management web is perfect for hiding all your cords below your desk while keeping them organized and safe from possible damage.

You simply attach it to the surface with the application products that come in the package (which you can install with a simple screwdriver with a universal tip mounting or power drill) and organize your cables in seconds. More info.

Kerää ja järjestä pelitietokoneesi johdot sekä kaapelit helposti
What equipment do I need to install the Webber Desk Cable Management Web?

– A pen that you can use to mark where you screw the plastic brackets to attach the product.
– Screwdriver or power drill with which you screw the screws to the mounting surface.

Can I reinstall or change the mounting location of the brackets if necessary?

– Yes, the product is designed for this purpose as well. So that you can easily reinstall the product or change the installation location as needed.

What if the screws that come with the product are longer than the thickness of my desk surface?

– No worries! If you wish, you can also install the product on the mounting surface with your own screws. (However, the screw should be screwed into the surface to be installed to a depth of at least 1cm) (0.4 inches)

Bonus Products + Tips

Having an organized PC setup is not just about appearance but about productivity as well, and many studies have agreed that having an organized environment leads to better performance at work and school. This article aims to help you have the best gaming setup cable management to perform excellently at anything you do.

As a bonus, there are other small products you should have in mind for managing your cables you need to have by your side most of the time. Cable holder clamps are great for keeping every cord separated and organized, you simply stick them next to your desk and pass the cables right through it.

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