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Why You Should Invest In Webber
Desk Cable Management Web?

Why You Should Invest In Webber Desk Cable Management Web?

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Nikita Kachanovsky office PC setup on Unsplash
Photo by Nikita Kachanovsky office PC setup on Unsplash
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Why you should get your cables webbed with the help of Webber Desk Management for your office setup

If you’re someone who has many different cords connected at the same time. You’d probably have searched for ways to keep them organized and out of the way. Thankfully, you found this article that presents an affordable and quality solution to your problem.

The Webber Desk Cable Management Web is a top-class gadget for your PC setup. It consists of a cable web with an elastic band and velcro straps that store many cables without tangling or damaging them. Take a look at the following article where we expose some of the benefits. That you can grant yourself if you decide to invest in this product. Including enhanced productivity, safety in the workplace, longer lifespan of your cords, and more.

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Clean office desk cable management
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Adjustability is the Key Feature of the Product

The Webber Desk Cable Management Net suits every surface you’re working in. It doesn’t matter if they’re uneven. The desk cable management gadget will fit perfectly where traditional metal cable trays won’t, while carefully accommodating your cords and protecting them from possible harm.

What’s more, the product is essential for any PC setup that needs to have several cables connected and neatly handled to ensure no cord is on the way. And preventing you from performing your best at your job, activities, gaming, and more.

The Webber Desk Cable Management Mesh adapts to any desk and can hold up a lot of cables. Always preserving their integrity and helping you have everything organized.

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Avoid Dust In Your Work Environment

Since your cords are protected in the net, they won’t collect dust that can possibly damage them and consequently affect you. Webber Desk Cable Management is ideal for controlling indoor dust pollution that can be controversial for your health and the lifespan of your technological gadgets. Such as your cables, computer, microphone, and more.

Our product is fundamental for ensuring an optimal gaming setup cable management where your cords are always clean and preserved properly. This will reduce the chances of having to replace your cables often due to dust harming them; not only this is great for saving up money but for keeping you safe as well. A damaged cable can cause a lot of damage, and you surely don’t want that to happen.

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Desk cable management product installed on desk
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Keep Your Work/Gaming Environment Safe

Continuing with the previous point explained, having an extension cord full of dust can become a safety hazard, which can cause major damage.

According to Electrician Talk “built-up dust can trap heat within the equipment, increasing the likelihood of components overheating or suffering from heat damage. If dust manages to collect on exposed wires or circuit boards, it also presents a danger of short circuit.”

The Webber Desk Cable Management Web is great for keeping your cords away from any dust. All are organized and properly stored so you can keep doing your daily activities without trouble or threat to your health. If you have kids around, this can become a major concern. But thankfully with this desk cable management gadget, you can continue working without worrying.

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Your Workspace Will Be Super Easy To Clean

Because your cables won’t be lying on the floor, it will be easier to clean up your workspace regularly. When you have a clear path, you’re more likely to clean regularly since you don’t need to do any pre-clean-up routine that involves taking things out of the way; and cables are surely tedious to remove or put aside.

With our product, you can enhance your productivity and boost your motivation to get things done. And have a clean office setup at all times. Further, you get to have more space in your work/gaming area which you can fill with other stuff. Or just let it be empty and have available space to move.

Apart from the usual cleaning, the Desk Cable Management Web will allow you to reduce the amount of dirt and accumulated things you might be having on your workspace. When everything is “all over the place” it can become easier to pile up more stuff without even noticing.

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Clean office desk cable management
Clean office desk setup with desk cable management web-mesh-net
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Prevent Tangled Cables Which Makes Your Life Awkward

The Webber Desk Cable Management Mesh will allow you to easily add and remove cables. And since they’re not resting on the floor, there is no risk of accidentally unplugging a cable during a gaming session or Zoom meeting, among other important activities that you might perform.

Unorganized electrical lines pose a danger since they can cause accidents. Cords and wires, when left exposed or draped indiscriminately, can represent a serious threat to both children and adults. Securing them prevents you from tripping over tangled wires, or spilling liquid on them which is why investing in Webber Desk Cable Management Web is recommended.

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Product Installation

Time needed: 15 minutes.

How to Install the Webber Desk Cable Management Product?

  1. Measuring

    Measure the mounting location of the plastic brackets on the desk to be installed.

  2. Screwing the Fasteners

    Place the plastic brackets at the measured points and fasten them with the mounting screws provided in the package.

  3. The Proper Product Attachment

    Turn the elastic band of the cable web/mesh around and place it on the installed plastic bracket. Attach the other side of the cable web/mesh first.

  4. Arranging the cables

    Place the cables inside the cable web/mesh below the mounting surface and secure the other side of the cable web so that the cables stay tidy inside.

  5. Velcro strap

    Tighten the cables with the Velcro strap provided. To get your cables organized better and more efficiently.

  6. Be sure to tighten things up!

    Tighten the cable web/mesh with the elastic band and tie the knots against the elastic band stopper so that the web/mesh remains tight at the desired tension.

  7. Installed product

    And it’s so easy to install the product correctly! Now you can focus on working or playing video games with your new cool tidy PC desk setup.

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How does the product work?

What equipment do I need for installing the Webber Desk Cable Management Web?

– A pen that you can use to mark where you screw the plastic brackets to attach the product.
– Screwdriver or power drill with which you screw the screws to the mounting surface.

Can I reinstall or change the mounting location of the brackets if necessary?

– Yes, the product is designed for this purpose as well. So that you can easily reinstall the product or change the installation location as needed.

What if the screws that come with the product are longer than the thickness of my desk surface?

– No worries! If you wish, you can also install the product on the mounting surface with your own screws. (However, the screw should be screwed into the surface to be installed to a depth of at least 1cm) (0.4 inch)

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Why You’ll Love The Webber Cable Management Web

Webber Desk Cable Management is your go-to office or gaming setup cable management gadget you need to invest in this year. Not only will keep all your cords organized and protected from dust. But it will also prevent your workspace from becoming a threat to your health.

The product can be easily installed with just a few products that you probably already have in your home. And it can hold up many different cords and cables under your desk. Webber Desk Cable Management adapts to all surfaces. And it keeps its shape close to the material installed, meaning that it won’t stretch all the way to the ground due to the weight of your cords.

It is an affordable and quality option that will grant you many benefits. Such as having your workspace more organized and clean. Preventing your cables from damage and possible harm as well as enhancing your productivity and performance at work, gaming, and any other activity you have in your routine.

Take a look at our info page for more information about the Webber Desk Cable Management Net. Manage your cables to ensure safety, organization, and enhanced performance in your routine.

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