Webber Desk Cable Management Web | Cable tray


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6 x Installation Screws

6 x Plastic Brackets

1 x Cord Stopper

1 x Cable Velcro Strap

1 x Universal Screwdriver Bit

1 x Webber Cable Web with Rubber Cords

Instruction Manual and Important Product Information Guide

Length: 650 mm / 65 cm

Height: 4 mm / 0,04 cm

Width: 300 mm / 30 cm


Tape Measure

Screwdriver (recommendation, power drill)

The Webber cable management net has been designed by people who understand the need to keep a workspace or gaming room neat, as minimalist as possible, and organized. The Webber cable management net offers a solution for managing and organizing cables, power supplies, chargers, and other wired electronic accessories.

When you connect your computer, at first everything seems fine. It doesn't look too messy or disorganized. But when you add a monitor, gaming PC, television, and other accessories, everything quickly turns into chaos. Before you know it, your entire workspace is a mess. You wonder, has it always been like this or when did it happen?

The most frustrating part is that there doesn't seem to be a simple solution. You want to keep your workspace neat and organized, but you're not sure how to achieve it. It's precisely for such situations that the Webber adjustable cable management net offers a solution. It is designed to make organizing cables, power supplies, and other devices easier and more efficient, bringing order and clarity to your work and gaming spaces.

Lisää helposti jotain uutta työpisteeseesi ja heitä pois jotain vanhaa ? valinta on sinun, kun päätät käyttää Webberiä. Webberin avulla teet työpisteestäsi vähemmän stressaavan ja enemmän järjestelmällisemmän. Jos joskus tarvitset asentaa Webberin uudelleen, se onnistuu vaivattomasti. Avainsanana tässä on ”vapaus”, ja Webberin avulla saat sitä runsaasti.

We have designed Webber stylishly and minimally, choosing colors that fit into any environment or decor. Whether it's organizing your workstation in the office or your gaming room, you can trust that Webber will blend into its surroundings and stand out with its smart features.

Installing the Webber cable management net is quick and effortless. You can choose whether to attach Webber to the mounting surface at four or six points – in either case, it stays firmly in place. Thanks to its adjustability, Webber also adapts to uneven surfaces.

You can adjust the tension of the Webber cable management net yourself, depending on how much strain is on it or how many cables you have. Our patented technology ensures the best possible outcome in cable management. That's it – try Webber and experience the difference!

Ships the next business day.

More Information about the Product

Webber – All your cables, neat and orderly. The Webber cable net is specially designed for managing and organizing cables, power supplies, chargers, and other wired electronic accessories. You can adjust the tension of the Webber cable management net according to how much load is on the net and how many cables you have. Thanks to Webber's adjustability, it is also perfectly suitable for uneven surfaces.

The package includes all the necessary parts for you to easily and effortlessly install your own Webber cable management net. Experience for yourself how Webber brings order and style to your workspace or gaming room.


We believe we offer our customers flexibility, giving them the freedom to choose their desired installation location, which traditional desk cable management products do not provide.

Thanks to this feature, you can personalize the installation so that it best meets your needs and preferences.

Webber's cable management system allows for versatile installation options, so you can optimize the functionality and aesthetics of your workspace according to your own wishes.


Installing the plastic brackets couldn't be easier! Utilize the tape on their mounting surface, which allows you to effortlessly attach them to your desired location.

Once you have found the suitable place, you can permanently and securely attach them using screws.

This system ensures easy and quick installation, while also ensuring that the brackets stay firmly in place.


The adjustability of the product gives you the opportunity to choose the exact mounting method and shape for the product to meet your individual needs.

Ota tästä monipuolisuudesta kaikki hyöty irti ja luo ratkaisu, joka sopii täydellisesti juuri sinulle. Sano hyvästit ”yksi koko sopii kaikille” -ratkaisuille ja omaksu Webberin patentoitu säädettävä monipuolisuus.

Thanks to this, you can customize cable management according to your needs, creating a neat and functional workspace.


Thanks to its reliable and sturdy mounting mechanism, you can trust that the Webber cable net will stay firm and in place.

This provides reliable protection and peace of mind for your cables.

Enjoy the simplicity and efficiency that the Webber product offers, and experience how easy and smooth cable management can be.


What supplies do I need to install the Webber desk cable management net?

A pencil to mark where to attach the plastic brackets for mounting the product.

A screwdriver or powerdrill to screw the screws into the mounting surface.

Can I reinstall or change the mounting location of the brackets if necessary?

Yes, the product is also designed for this purpose. So that you can easily reinstall the product or change the mounting location as needed.

What if the screws included with the product are longer than the thickness of the table surface?

No worries! If you wish, you can also install the product with your own screws to the mounting surface. (However, the screw must be screwed into the surface to be installed to a minimum depth of 1 cm) (0.4 inches)