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About Webber Team

Our Company is Founded byYoung entrepreneurs.

Our names are Toni, Kimi, and Arttu. We care about developing top-shelf Gaming and Office products to make your workspace more orderly, but just as much, we care about making people’s lives better and easier through our products.

We saw the development of the video game industry to this day, we were the kids who were playing Crash Bandicoot on PlayStation 1 and Timesplitters on Xbox with friends on rainy days.

We are the kids who grinded World of Warcraft Molten Core raid at 4 am.

The video game industry has grown into a billion-dollar industry and we have come a long way. We look forward to seeing it grow, and we can be proud to be involved in developing its growth even though we are still a grain of sand in the Sahara.

Toni Ryöppy — Founder, and CEO of Webber

I’ve been interested in video games for as long as I can remember, but I’ve also been a perfectionist since I was a kid. These things come together for example in what kind of order or how clean did I keep my character’s inventory and bank in World of Warcraft, or how Neat and orderly I wanted to keep my computer desk in real life.

This brings us to the fact that the organization of cables has always Been one of my biggest challenges because when updating my hardware, I need to dismantle the cables that I have organized with hard work. Webber cable management web is the first step to an easier and more orderly life.

Arttu Hilli — Co-Founder

My motto is “everything happens for a reason.” And oh boy, it surely hit spot on this time. We are creating something really special, with the boys and the help of you guys.

Kimi Vierre — Co-Founder

I love all new technology and everything related to technology. And what could be better than creating products that emphasize and promote the use of these technological products or the organization of their additional devices? You tell me, hehe.

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Our Story

We value innovation, excellence, passion, and

selflessness, all to serve our customers well.

So, we are a company located here in the cold north, Finland. We saw and experienced the problem and wanted something that didn’t exist, cable management products like out of this world!

So now we manufacture the most impressive top-notch products that focus on cable management and workstation and gaming setup organization.
Our passion has always been hidden in elegance and simplicity. That’s why we are looking to revolutionize how we use and set up our workspaces and gaming setups.
That’s why we have launched products that emphasize these features.
Emphasizes what we want to make visible and what we don’t. We created the Webber brand as the solution to all this.
For us, product development is an ongoing process. We are going to build the Webber brand
with your input and collaboration, taking to heart all of your feedback and making changes and
improvements based on your experience. We want to build a community, and without you, we are nothing. Check the Webber product here and let us know what you think.



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